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On Air: Slater
SlaterGreetings! The name is Slater. Pjeff Slater. (The P is silent...but just as DEADLY!)
Current Position Held: Swinger-Shift Manager a.k.a. "The Keeper of the Keys"

Responsibilites Include (but are not limited to)...

DO NOT LOSE THE KEYS!!! (esp. the Pink one!) 'Nuff said. Listen often... Warm regards- Slater
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CLICK HERE for the details and see what you missed from last year!

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It's Time to Get Dirty!

Join us for Mud Volleyball!

WCCC is pround to sponsor the 25th Annual Mud Volleyball Tournament on 8/20!!

Early Registration ends 7/15!

For more info go to or call 1-800-899-EPIL

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What's Your Favorite Flavor?!

Win Mayhem Tickets and $50!

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The Biker Report

Sponsored by:

Keep up to date with the Biker Report, sponsored by Insurance Works of Connecticut and Attorney Peter J. Brown.

Listen to the Biker Report! Click Here!

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The Perfect Trigger Show

Listen to the Perfect Trigger Show Podcasts and email us your questions and comments on your right to own a firearm.

Also check out the Security Tip of the Week!

Listen to the Podcast! Click Here!

We also have Half-Off Firearms! Click Here!

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The Positive Energy Podcasts

Listen to the Positive Energy Podcasts to learn how you can save money on your electric bill.

Listen to the Podcast! Click Here!

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The Columbia Dental Podcasts

For the healthiest teeth listen to the Columbia Dental Podcasts.

Listen to the Podcast! Click Here!

We also have Half-Off Braces or Invisalign! Click Here!

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Half-Off Meals and Deals

This weeks Featured Meal-Deal:
Get a $50 Value Gift Certificate from Boston's The Gourmet Pizza for only $25!

Check out other great Half-Off deals from WCCC

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Supporting our Troops
Hell, even the enemy supports us!
WCCC Supports our troops overseas and we want to hear from you! Send us your photos and comments about how WCCC has helped entertain you and we'll post them here.
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